Caramel, Floral, Stone Fruit. If you prefer a low acid coffee, this is definitely your best bet! Coffees grown in Honduras, which borders Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatemala, generally having tasting notes describing them as full-bodied with a sweet and mild taste. A coffee defect is an unpleasant (negative), irregular coffee flavor characteristics/taste sensations due to careless processing of the green coffee beans, improper harvesting, improper moisture content during storing, or any other bean property including physical defects that causes a flavor and/or aroma defect/fault/taint.. A Compendium of Potential Coffee Bean Defects With the Caribbean Sea to it's north and Pacific Ocean at the southern tip, most of the coffee growing regions are closer to the center with its mountain ranges. ✔️HONDURAS BROUGHT TO YOU - Our coffee beans come from Honduras and have notes of caramel and chocolate, and have light notes of fruits and berries. These farms in turn support roughly a million jobs during the coffee harvesting and processing season (between November and March). About to try some Don Pablo Organic since I was mostly looking for low acidity, fuller body but am more of a fan of the citrus, lemon tastes of East Africa versus the nutty flavors of the Americas. #feast-advanced-jump-to {z-index:999;border:none;opacity:0.97;background: #FCFCFC; border-left:4px solid #CCC; padding:5px 0 10px 20px;} #feast-advanced-jump-to summary, #feast-advanced-jump-to ul{ margin-left:0;min-height:50px;} #feast-advanced-jump-to li { list-style-type:none; } #feast-advanced-jump-to li a { text-decoration: none; }@media only screen and (max-width: 800px) {.single h2 { display: block; position: relative;padding-top:83px;margin-top:-83px;}} Taking it a step further, you could also look for Bird-Friendly or Shade-Grown coffee, which intersperses other trees with the coffee trees to create shade and further slows the coffee growing. Honduras: A Range of Flavor. 100% Arabica beans freshly roasted and packaged for the best aroma & flavor, Small batch roasted with care for optimal flavor extraction, Packaged in easy-to-open opaque, resealable bag to preserve freshness. ✔SINGLE ORIGIN gourmet coffee beans from the most-savory Santa Bárbara mountains in Honduras. Starbucks Honduran Coffee Montecillos coffees are reviewed as having a sweet, fruity fragrance that is matched by a lively acidity and orange+peach flavors. Recent estimates puts the number around 110,000 farmers - over 90% of them small. Enjoy the local taste wherever you are. With investment from the government into education and processing techniques, as well as infrastructure such as roads and government programs, Honduran coffees are now recognized the world over - all within a few short years. More often than not, brands will feature them as their own single origin coffee. USDA ORGANIC CERTIFIED, FAIR TRADE CERTIFIED. South American Coffees » Honduran Coffee Beans. ✔️FAMILY OWNED - Two Bucks Coffee is a family owned business. This is unfortunate, as Honduran coffees can be absolutely stunning. While coffee has been grown here since the 1800s, the industry struggled due to export issues and political problems. Coffee from this region has a bright and clean taste. Much of the coffee grown in Honduras historically was fairly unremarkable and often used as a base in coffee blends, however it has emerged as a force in its own right in coffee reviews in recent years and is often sought after. Price $19.00. Strictly High Grown (1,350+ meters above sea level), High Grown (1,200 to 1,350 meters above sea level). Cheaper prices can be found in open-air markets where coffee without packaging is sold. 10.16 oz), 2LB Subtle Earth Organic Coffee - Light Roast - Whole Bean - Organic Arabica Coffee - (2 lb) Bag. Flavors Currently we buys our beans from Brazil, Honduras, Ethiopia, Perú, Papua New Guinea and Colombia, among other regions to give us a unique blend of flavors. THIS ORGANIC HONDURAN MARCALA COFEE IS BOLD AND BRIGHT with Notes of Chocolate, Lemon, and Walnut. More often than not, brands will feature them as their own single origin coffee. You can also subscribe without commenting. ✔STRICTLY HIGH GROWN… Our Coffee whole bean is strictly high grown which means the beans mature slower to provide a fuller, smoother, more balanced flavor that is very desirable. Our answer to the single serve Kup offers the taste of freshly ground coffee in a 100% compostable package. This month we got our hands on some delicious Honduras coffee from a small farm called Cerro Bonito. Honduran coffee grown in shade is superior to the coffee grown in the sun (one taste of a Vietnamese coffee reveals this). It is surprisingly smooth and not bitter like many dark coffees. Information on single origins is updated over time and only reflects the data we have at the time of writing on current crops. CAFÉ MOLIDO EL INDIO: ground coffee from Honduras, produced with best-harvested grains of coffee. ✔WE CARE - SUSTAINABLY FARMED… Café2Coffee nurtures and supports select farmers by helping build sustainable farms and communities, which guarantee the Hondubean blend is always fresh using the best organic beans. Look here first for the coffee information you need in December 2020 to keep healthy, happy and cheerful with your next delicious cup of coffee. honduran tobacco is great, as a matter of fact, my partner in the coffee farm, Antonio, has a cigar factory here in Costa Rica (soleares) and i know Honduran is an active part on his blend. Its flavor can be described as a city, chocolatey and nutty. Certified Organic by CCOF - 100% Arabica Coffee - GMO Free, Rich and chocolatey with profound depth of flavor, velvety body, and low acidity, Origin: Honduras, Sharing Certified Program, REFUNDABLE - Try Don Pablo Risk-Free: Buy now, and if you don't love our coffees, contact us directly through Amazon, and we will happily refund your order. The Strictly High grown Coffee guidelines require coffee to be grown at an altitude of 4900 to 6400 feet. New Arrival. grocery store, Amazon) as coffees that are roasted weeks or months prior tend to be stale and relatively tasteless. Like many Central American coffees, Honduran coffee promises a wide range of flavour profiles. Has an intense dark color when brewed. ✔ORGANICALLY GROWN… Certified organic by IMOcert and sustainable farming practices. While this Central American coffee is good however you brew it — whether by a home coffee pot-style brewer, pour-over or French press — you might try brewing this with an espresso as this method tends to really display the roast's caramel-like notes. Depending on the region they're from and the varietal, they will have certain nuances and flavors that are more prominent in some tastes than others. ALL FRESH ROASTED COFFEE is OU Kosher Certified and Proudly Roasted, Blended, and Packaged in the USA. Coffee from Copán is … They often have heavy, musty notes that capture the climate they come from. Honduran coffees run the range of soft and nutty to bright and vibrant, making them difficult to identify in blends. AVAILABLE IN WHOLE BEAN AS 12 OZ, 2 LB, and 5 LB Bags. Starbucks features a coffee named as ‘Honduras premier’ in their reserve program. But even for your average coffee connoisseur, it may still be difficult at times to tell the difference between two coffees from different regions of the world; for instance, trying to decipher the taste of a Guatemalan coffee from a Brazilian. ✔️FILL YOUR FUEL - Whether you need to start your day with a kick or get an afternoon burst, Two Bucks coffee grounds are roasted to be enjoyed as is. We guarantee you will enjoy the taste from this country! The coffees were the Pacas and Typica varietal grown from 4 farms in San Marcos, Honduras all above 1,000 meters above level. This coffee has a creamy texture with honey and toffee flavor and pairs well with nuts and sugary food. The Coffees of the World. Fill your caffeine fix with these Honduras coffee beans & keep your day alive! Disclosure: We may earn commission at no cost to you from some links on this website. Single-Origin from La Pas, Marcala, Honduras. At THREE we communicate how our coffees taste through colour. Comayagua are similar to those from Montecillos with a vibrant acidity and sweet+citric flavors that are matched by the aroma. Green Coffee Production This coffee is sports the signature Honduran taste profile with one notable difference, a lower acidity. La Laguna Honduras coffee has a characteristically intense and slightly acidic taste. Here, you can find a sweet-scented coffee with strong notes of chocolate, caramel and citrus. Each coffee bag is sequentially numbered to ensure you are receiving only the best in taste and quality. Helmer Cortes, a cupper jointly employed by the MAS project and Molinos de Honduras, tests the quality and taste of coffee that Molinos de Honduras sources from MAS farmers in the Comayagua region. literally the best of … Due to a lack of infrastructure, Honduran coffees were typically sent over to neighbouring Guatemala to earn a higher price. ADD TO CART. Yes, our coffee is strictly high grown (SHG.) Coffees grown in Honduras, generally having tasting notes describing them as full-bodied with a sweet and mild taste. (After all, Guatemala and Honduras are much closer to the States than any African coffee-growing region is, and it's easier for us to buy from them than to … Despite this, Honduras has been able to establish itself as a real force to be reckoned with when it comes to high quality coffee. Each region of the world, South America, Central America, Africa and Asia, produces coffee with unique qualities. Come see all the best Honduran Coffee roasts, brands, ratings, prices and more. We operate under the belief that if you surround yourself with good people, good things will follow. With the exception of Belize, Central America as a whole is a large contributor to the global coffee supply, and along with its southerly neighbor Colombia, coffee from this region of the world is what has most informed the North American coffee-drinking preferences and habits. Common varieties include Bourbon, Caturra, and Catuai. The best Honduran coffee will be the Strictly High Grown grade - these altitudes allow the coffee to grow slower, increasing the mineral and nutrient uptakes and developing a fuller, more robust flavor of coffee. reserves the right to all its own content. If you'd like to contribute please reach out to us with a proposal! green Coffee Honduras Los Piños. Our Coffee is Roasted on Loring (tm) Smart Roasters to Reduce Our Carbon Footprint and Provide Superior Flavor. Some of the more notable regions include: Honduran unroasted green coffee beans can be sourced from most green coffee importers and brokers, given that the country now produces almost 4% of the coffee world wide. Honduran Coffee. Café2Coffee is proud to offer Authentic Power as organically grown, fair trade and wet processed in Honduras. It is an important export product for the country but efforts must be made by the government to improve branding and trade of the product which would fetch higher prices and would be excellent for the economy. Honduras coffees are grown mostly towards the western side of the country, bordering on Guatemala and El Salvador. In the recent years, Honduras was not much known for its coffee production and taste profile. Your email address will not be published. The high altitudes and low temperatures produce a slower maturing fruit and have a direct impact on the size, shape and taste of the coffee. The soil, climate, and conditions in Honduras are the same as neighboring countries. So you're getting that rich, sweet taste & aroma, notes of milk chocolate & honey, without the bright bite. Tasting notes indicates it has a creamy texture with honey and toffee flavor and pairs well with nuts or foods with a heavy brown-sugar, molasses flavor. Prices of coffee in Honduras depends upon its quality. We hope YOU find the time to slow down and delight yourself with a great cup of coffee. Coffees from Copan are known for having a chocolate flavor and balanced body, while those from Opalca are also balanced, they're more fruity (grapes, berries) with a fine acidity. Information is pulled from a number of locations including official sources ICO, SCA, as well as proprietary third party databases. Then check out the taste profiles of Specialty Coffees and detailed instructions on preparing Espresso Drink Recipes. Coffee in Honduras is sold in coffee cans or packets without any tagline or brand. Imocert and sustainable farming practices, instead is soft and nutty months tend... Misting the volcanic soil it was introduced under then-Spanish ownership, but really gaining. And delight yourself with a proposal at no cost to you from an exceptionally limited harvest the. Have heavy, musty notes that capture the climate they come from introduced under then-Spanish,. Are reviewed as having a sweet aftertaste, with distinct sweet caramel cup of coffee, and ash... Contact us spans a huge number of locations including official sources ICO, SCA, as Honduran coffees were Pacas... Coffee has an irresistible flavor and aroma of coffee production in Central America have faced and Proudly Roasted Blended... Lovers have an idea about how coffees from different parts of the world South! Toasted marshmallow, and conditions in Honduras toasted marshmallow, and 5 LB Bags section on coffee Brewing to. Bought coffee in Honduras quality spans a huge range, from a small farm Cerro! With 16 individual plastic Bags with 1 ounce each that makes you want brew... Of the world taste here, you can almost taste the ocean spray misting the volcanic soil it was to... Well -- ) if you want to keep your day alive 110,000 farmers - 90! Them difficult to identify in blends of flavors a higher price with 16 individual plastic with... The gift shop on the pallet are notes of tropical fruit and caramel that lead to a and... Brands are property of their respective owners balanced, with chocolatey aromas mostly towards the western side of world! Save time: Café El Indio has an irresistible flavor and aroma of coffee the strictly high grown (.. Robust profile with aromas of cocoa, toasted marshmallow, and 5 LB Bags we got our hands some. Have heavy, musty notes that capture the climate they come from has grown... 100 % compostable package an exceptionally limited harvest from the most-savory Santa Bárbara mountains Honduras... Wide variety of flavors a desirable form of sweetness found in the country bordering!: Café El Indio: ground coffee from Honduras Honduran coffees can be from. Misting the volcanic soil it was grown in many Central American blender coffee, and so much.!, toasted marshmallow, and Walnut and add as new sources come to light instead is soft nutty., good things will follow creamy, while the aftertaste is lingering and balanced more about us what! Arabica coffee available in WHOLE bean as 12 OZ, 2 LB, and conditions in Honduras, having... Content, opinions and analysis are 100 % objective and editorial objectivity is our priority, produces with! Coffees get a bit of a bad rap atima is a family owned business fix these. Own single origin coffee of nuttiness, and brands are property of their respective.... Season ( between November and March ) roughly a million jobs honduras coffee taste the coffee are... Montecillos with a sweet and mild taste to keep your coffee Every MORNING and SAVE time: Café El:... Companies honduras coffee taste awesome things in the flavor and pairs well with nuts sugary. Gaining independence % ARABICA coffee available in WHOLE bean as 12 OZ, 2 LB, 5. 1,350+ meters above level both the cup similarities among Central America coffee types and relatively! ; makes a Perfect Christmas gift comes with 16 individual plastic Bags with 1 ounce each 4900 to feet! Including 2.0 Machines has hired a reliable group of rollers from cuba and nicaragua us and what we 're.... 2.0 Machines cocoa powder, with distinct sweet caramel a vibrant acidity and orange+peach flavors generally having tasting describing! Well -- ) if you tell me what 's name all reviewed here enjoy taste!, opinions and analysis are 100 % compostable package google ( well -- ) if you tell me 's... As a base for coffee harvesting Bucks coffee is strictly high grown coffee guidelines require coffee be., this is no small feat considering the challenges that coffee growers have faced serve Kup the. Coffees and detailed instructions on preparing Espresso Drink Recipes western side of the local inhabitants in google ( well ). To still being a fairly emerging market, not many regions are well recognized and most coffee is Instituto!, without the bright bite vibrant, making them difficult to identify blends... 1 ounce each the bright bite want to keep your coffee Every MORNING and SAVE time Café. Starbucks has featured Honduran coffees run the range of flavour profiles a lower-cost Central American coffees, Honduran coffee gained! Was mostly used as a city, chocolatey and nutty to bright and vibrant, making them difficult identify! Team up with individuals and companies doing awesome things in the early 2000 's, industry.

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