It will take up to 10 working days for Arts Council England to approve this. Arts Council Covid-19 information The second round opens on 16 April and is open until 30 April. Applicants need to have registered on Grantium by 27 April for that round of funding. Arts Council have said that new Grantium accounts need to be registered by 13 April, for the first round of funding which is open from 9 April until the dealine of 16 April. After the massive success of (and feedback from) the original #ACECheatsheet in 2016, here’s a revised ACE Project Grants application cheatsheet for the new Project Grants scheme (2018 onwards). Arts Council England (ACE) has admitted that its “intuitive” funding portal Grantium, intended to “bring [ACE] into the 21st Century”, is seen within the sector as a failure. 10708-105 Ave, Edmonton, AB, Canada, T5H 0A1 780-427-9968 (toll-free within Alberta by first dialing 310-0000) Arts Council England announced the measures it would be taking to support artists and arts organisations through the financial impact of covid19.Click here to read the overview of those measures. Before then applicants need to ensure that they've registered to Grantium by 3 April. You will need to access Arts Council England’s funding portal – Grantium – and create a personal profile for yourself. Arts Council Funding for Individuals. The full guidance will be available on Monday 30 March. The Alberta Foundation for the Arts. Arts Council England’s (ACE) new online portal to process Grants for the Arts applications, Grantium, has been robustly criticised by the arts sector. On 27 January 2016, Arts Council England (ACE) launched a new web-based grants management system built on CSDC’s Grantium platform. Arts Council England Launches New Grant Management System Built on CSDC’s Grantium Platform. Behind the scenes we’ve already replaced our finance system, and with Grantium, we’ll now save around £1 million each year; money that we will re-use to invest directly in arts and culture. Round two opens for applications on 16 April 2020 and applicants will need to register on Grantium by 27 April in order to make an application before the deadline of 30 April. Grantium is a major piece in the jigsaw that supports the Arts Council’s work. In March 2018, Arts Council England revised their previous Grants For The Arts scheme, renaming it Arts Council National Lottery Project Grants. External links. Once your profile has been processed you will be asked to take an eligibility quiz, and then you will able start your Project Grants application. Twitter users have been complaining that the inaccessibility of the system and the clunkiness of the language have made funding applications more difficult. The Alberta Foundation for the Arts is committed to supporting members of Alberta’s arts community who are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. She sees the ACE Cheatsheet as a DIY approach to addressing access needs that were limited through the application portal Grantium‘s lack of user-centred design. At the time she was mentoring the artists through the Grants for the Arts application process as part of an ad-hoc freelance role with Arts Council England. In order to do this, you will need to create a user account and then an applicant profile (which the Arts Council will need to … Please visit our COVID-19 information page to learn more about our response to the ongoing situation. Before you even think about applying to Grants for the Arts, you need to set yourself up on 'Grantium', the Arts Council's new 'grants management system'.