or just snuggle up to a coffee at a nearby cafe. Professional staff and well maintained bikes. Resort Municipality Initiative and $54,000 from the Union of B.C. Walking. The Beaches Shopping Complex is a 10 minute walk along the multi-use path towards town. ... Bicycles can be rented in Tofino for a ride on the beach or along the bike path that connects town with the outer beaches. Maps of Trails and Beaches. Tons of Fun (TOF) Cycles offers the best and most diverse bike rental fleet in the Tofino and Long Beach area. Tofino bike rentals & bicycle shops . Gorgeous Tofino Trails. Join us in our passion and love of cycling—it's the best way to get around Tofino and see the sights. There is a bike path on the main road to out of town. It has been a work in progress for the community of Tofino, with many volunteer hours put towards fundraising for its construction. Tofino's Multi-Use Path winds its way along Pacific Rim Highway for approximately 6km. We suggest allowing extra time for plenty of beautiful distractions. Construction on extending the bike pedestrian path is continuing. The Vancouver Island community of Tofino has just seen the opening of the […] Dining and accommodations are on par with Tofino and as a bonus, it has the Wild Pacific Trail, open to hikers and easy to keep two metres apart with so many viewing areas along the forest path. While there are countless bike trails and paths in Canada, it seems as though there could be a new one on the horizon. All of the surf beaches can be accessed from the MUP, which is separated from the road traffic and great for walking or biking. Multi-Use Path (MUP) Photo: Mark McKeough. Program, $63,000 from the B.C. New path through Pacific Rim National Park promises new vistas Biking and hiking path will link Tofino and Ucluelet and immerse users in Pacific Rim National Park Visitors to Pacific Rim National Park, Long Beach, Tofino and Ucluelet will soon have a great new venue to view the natural wonders that make the region a world-class destination. Both towns have existing bike paths connecting to local beaches, but this new path along the rugged coastline will be a game-changer for the region. Checking into the Hotel Zed Tofino, where the lobby isn’t off-limits to cyclists Ian Stalker Talking about giving cyclists the opportunity to get off the beaten path… and at the same time enabling their pedalling indoor presence to raise a few eyebrows. new bike path connects tofino to pacific rim national park Thursday, April 4, 2019 A federal investment in the ʔapsčiik t’ašii Trail established a cycling path through the National Park but stops short of connecting to Tofino’s existing multi use path by 2.8km. Sandy Tofino Beaches. Tofino is quite small, so you can walk around the town and explore very easily! Check out the maps to locate most of the trails and beaches and use the descriptions and photos below to help decide where to check out first. Rainforest. It connects to Tofino’s Multi-Use Path, a walking and cycling pathway that continues north to town and south toward the beaches. Tofino is more trendy and tourist-centric and serves as Canada’s unofficial surf capital. Tofino Mountain Bike trails, British Columbia. There you will find Beaches Grocery, Live to Surf Surf Shop, Chocolate Tofino, the Tofitian Cafe, Wildside Grill, Coastal Bliss Yoga Studio, Tofino Bike Rentals, Studio One Hair Salon, Tacofino, and Arbutus Health. The Tofino MUP (the Multi Use Path) connects the village of Tofino with the Tofino beaches like Middle Beach, MacKenzie Beach, Chesterman Beach all the way to Cox Bay and the Tofino Tourist Information Centre. Just minutes from Tofino’s most popular surfing beach and located on the edge of the Pacific Rim National Park, this is the perfect place to experience the natural beauty of the West Coast. Another great option is to rent a bike for the duration of your stay. There is a Multi-Use Path (called a MUP) that runs 40 km (25 miles) along the highway from Tofino to the town of Ucluelet. Cycling. Surfing. Relax at Anchor Park in town, now home to a new totem pole. Wildlife. We have bikes with baby seats or surfboard carriers, and kids' bikes with training wheels. Outsiders are welcome here! Municipalities Community Works Fund. What other hotel would run a bike path directly through their lobby, or offer you unique amenities like a psychic den and a sunken living room? She said Tofino’s 2.2-kilometre Multi-Use-Path connection carries an estimated $3.3 million price-tag and, along with the federal funding, $1 million is coming from the provincial government’s Bike B.C. But there’s so much more to do here. The beach can be accessed on foot or bicycle through the walk/bike path or by vehicle at the north end. Tofino Beaches & Trails (Ucluelet Too!) new bike path connects tofino to pacific rim national park Thursday, April 4, 2019 A federal investment in the ʔapsčiik t’ašii Trail established a cycling path through the National Park but stops short of connecting to Tofino’s existing multi use path by 2.8km. Indoor swimming pool and sauna; 3000 sq ft harbour-view gym ... Bring your own bike or rent one from our local bike shop. The town of Tofino found a solution to riding beside summer hazards of reckless trucks from Calgary and oversized RVs: the MUP. A number of Tofino charter companies offer scuba diving tours or wake boarding as well. If you’re in Tofino with your bike the bike … Ucluelet, farther to the south, is more relaxed and less heavily trafficked. The park is located beside the Tofino Community Hall and includes a pump track, table top jumps, a learning area, ladder planks and other natural obstacles. There’s something about hugging a centuries-old tree that transports you back to childhood. Our family had a great time biking on Chesterman beaches (North and South) and along the bike path into Tofino … Driving distances to Pacific Rim National Park and the start of Long Beach 10 minutes, Tofino 30 minutes. Tofino Bike League. While the majestic terrain around Tofino and Clayoquot Sound may tempt you to take a path-less-travelled, please stay on the marked trails. If Tofino relies on our own engineer, the job will take years to build, will be over … From tricycles to tandems and mountain bikes to trail-a-bikes. A New Bike Path. Details about a 28-kilometre walking and biking trail proposed to connect Tofino and Ucluelet with the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve will be discussed in … The only hindrance, as mentioned before, would be the rain - something you can't really avoid there any time of the year. Walk, bike or run the Multi-Use Path, connecting Tofino to its beaches. Known for our waves, Tofino is a popular year-round sport for both amateur and pro surfers. You and your bicycle can experience miles of awe inspiring beach; take the bike path into town; balance a surf board! Inspired by a bike race where the group rode through a bar and had people cheering on either side, Farmer was inspired to include a bike path in the lobby of the Hotel Zed Tofino. Program, $63,000 from the B.C. Talking. Also known as the multi-user path, the bike path, or my personal favourite, the psychopath. Besides beaches, Ucluelet and Tofino are a treasure trove of various hiking and beach access trails. Tofino's trails and parks are all close to the village core. This rental company is off the #4 highway in the same complex as Tacofino Cantina, Wildside Grill, Chocolate Tofino and many others. 1 trails with 14 photos To view or download a pdf. Multi-Use Path. There is a cycle path along parts of the road between tofino and the southern town but i’m Not sure about that stretch you ask about. The hotel has created a colorful bike path the runs directly through the lobby. Hotel you are staying in may know. The park is ‘use at your own risk’ so please think safety first when biking in the park. Beach comb in the summer, stormwatch in the winter, rent a kayak and paddle out to sea, or take your dog for a rainforest hike, Tofino has it all. The mission of the Tofino Bike League is to advance a bicycle friendly environment for all residents and visitors of the Tofino region. Walk the Tonquin Trail for some spectacular ocean viewpoints. tofino bike rentals | tofino golf articles. This can be a wobbly dance on a skinny little bike, but a mountain bike’s thick wheels offer stability on the slim bike path. Resort Municipality Initiative and $54,000 from the Union of B.C. There is a bike path along the highway and a friend of mine who worked at a major hotel just outside of the village used her bike all year round. I agree we should hire a consultant/builder to design and build the path. Municipalities Community Works Fund. The following time estimates are approximate. Tofino bike rentals are the perfect way to see Tofino. Cozy Curlew is a newly built and custom designed 1 bedroom cottage located in a tranquil forest setting. We are withing walking distance to the bike shop. She said Tofino’s 2.2-kilometre Multi-Use-Path connection carries an estimated $3.3 million price-tag and, along with the federal funding, $1 million is coming from the provincial government’s Bike B.C. And yes, bikes, scooters, joggers, and walkers do make their way right through the hotel. Discover the best beaches in Tofino, B.C. Hotel Zed Tofino, on the traditional land of the Tla-o-qui-aht First Nation, is located in a natural paradise on the West Coast of Vancouver Island. Slip away to the quiet Forest Lakes neighborhood and stay at Tofino, a beautiful 30A vacation home just minutes from the beach and area fun. For everything else, you can drive or hire a tour company to take you to your desired destinations. version of the Tofino Trail and Parks map please click here. According to Lonely Planet, this new addition will give explorers the chance to cycle their way from Tofino and Ucluelet. Tofino has an awesome bike path connecting the town to various beaches and hotels. Imagine being able to discover the rich and diverse ecology, wildlife and culture of Pacific Rim National Park Reserve by bike or on foot in a more natural and active way. 125 likes.